Our Team

Leigh Richardson, MS, LPC, NCC, BCN, BCB, BCIA Associate Fellow, Clinical Director

Leigh as spent her educational and professional career learning human behavior. Her focus shifted in 2002, to understanding the role the brain plays in human behavior, and how behavior can be modified with the use of neurofeedback and biofeedback. Leigh holds a Master of Science in Counselling from the University of North Texas and is working to integrate cognitive behavioral therapy into the treatment programs for many clients.

Leigh completed her didactic training for neurofeedback at the University of North Texas. She completed her internship with a nationally recognized neurologist and pioneer in the field of Neurotherapy, Dr. Jonathan Walker, M.D., who has studied, researched and taught for 35 years. In 2004, while working with Dr. Walker as a neurotherapist, Leigh received her BCIA, EEG board certification. In April 2009, Leigh opened The Brain Performance Center, adding the BCIA Biofeedback board certification, and Wellness Coaching board certification to the practice. The center added cognitive behavioral therapy in 2014.

Sally Cocjin, Board Certified Technician

Sally was introduced to neurofeedback when Lorenzo her son was recuperating from a traumatic brain injury in 2007.

He had ischemic stroke caused by pneumococcal meningitis in Dec. 29, 2003, went through the 8 stages of coma, did intensive comprehensive traditional rehabilitation to relearn everything physically from zero, & regain his cognitive functioning from second grade level when he woke up from coma to his present age. While he was a freshman in Austin Community College in 2007, her family stumbled upon a father who had his son treated with neurofeedback by Dr. Jonathan Walker in Dallas. He insisted that they bring Lorenzo to Dr. Walker for evaluation & neurofeedback treatment. Seeing how his son fully recovered from traumatic brain injury by Dr. Walker’s care influenced them to follow his recommendation. Bringing Lorenzo to Dr. Walker was one of the best things that ever happened towards his fullest potential of recovery. The progress that he made from the neurofeedback treatment that Leigh did on him as his main therapist at Dr. Walker’s clinic was phenomenal. This inspired Sally to pursue neurofeedback as a cognitive treatment modality for his son, & give back his second chance at life through her work at The Brain Performance Center.

In the last ten years technology has changed and allowed for more sophisticated brain training. Sally has continued to learn the many different treatment modalities with a goal to continue to help Lorenzo restore his life to a pre injury state. Sally has learned so much along her journey and she has much to offer on both a personal and professional level. With Leigh’s mentorship, she obtained board certified in neurofeedback in 2012 and has been working in the field since 2009.