The LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) is a revolutionary and scientifically-proven technique for restoring optimal brain function. LENS is a form of brainwave biofeedback or neurofeedback that offers significant advantages over traditional EEG neurofeedback as it has consistently shown shorter clinical intervention times to optimize brain function.

The LENS technique is beneficial for almost everyone because its action does not directly address a person’s symptoms or illness but instead helps the nervous system balance and normalize itself. The treatment is also quick, a person does not need to pay attention to a computer screen so the results are fast and may be permanent with repetition. LENS is a passive process which is particularly beneficial for people with attentional issues, people with autistic spectrum disorders, and individuals with cognitive an emotional problems. It has also been used to treat ADD and ADHD, behavioral problems, and a variety of other conditions.

The reason the effects of the LENS are so effective and often immediate is because the feedback bypasses all conscious conditioning and therefore operates directly on the unconscious process that underlie most of our functioning and self regulation. LENS works subliminally to optimize the capacities of the person to function effectively, learn new skills and to utilize the skills already learned.

The LENS is based on EEG, an oscillating voltage measured from the scalp that tracks the dominant rhythm or frequency within the EEG. For only a few seconds, LENS mirrors back the brain’s faint electromagnetic impulses. This brain-mirroring allows dysfunctional patterns in the brain to correct themselves. The information signal is far weaker than the electromagnetic field around a wrist watch, yet it typically triggers the brain to make profound, lasting changes. An analogy might be similar to rebooting your computer for a fresh start or defragmenting your hard drive (brain) for optimal system performance.

Many clients often notice improvements within the first three sessions. This is often reported as a feeling of clear, calm, control, and fully present. The brain recognizes efficiency and adopts it as a new way of working. LENS therapy may produce rapid improvement in a wide variety of issues. We typically see improved cognitive functions, motivation, mood, and motor skills and a surprising increase in competence, functionality and relaxation. LENS seems to improve the quality of sleep. LENS users have reported the side benefit of reduced anxiety, seizures, migraines, post stroke effects, and even pain.

For those with post concussive syndrome, autism and depression, LENS offers a behavioral, drug-free, non-surgical and non-psychotherapeutic way to produce relatively rapid resolution of difficult cognitive, mood, anxiety, mental clarity, energy and physical movement problems when compared with more traditional forms of therapy.

LENS can also help the best and brightest to be better and brighter in all realms of life. It is beneficial for peak performance for individuals who wish to enhance their skills such as athletes, people in the performing arts and business executives.

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All decisions made regarding your medication should be made with your prescribing physician. That being stated, a large portion of patients pursue Bio/Neurofeedback with the goal of being weaned off their medication, or the amount being reduced.

There are no side effects associated with Biofeedback or Neurofeedback. Although, patients often report better sleep and focus, decreased impulsiveness and a relaxed mood. In fact, these are the primary reasons Neurofeedback is chosen as an alternative to medication.

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