Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that relies on brainwave patterns. It measures the brain wave activity to indicate how a person is functioning. Neurofeedback is based on neuroscience, the study of the nervous system and takes into accoount cognitive and behavioral aspects of the person in addition to measuring brain activity.  .

With neurofeedback treatment,  patients learn to improve and strengthen brainwaves that can improve learning, focus, and attentiveness. The training is bi-directional and can increase and decrease different brainwaves at the same time. With Z score training you may be training eight to ten metrics, and with LORETA Z score you may train hundreds of metrics at the same time. You can alter how the brain is resourcing energy to the cortical level, as well as how the different parts of the brain are communicating and the timing of the brain.

A QEEG (or quantitative electroencephalogram) is the first step for all neurofeedback treatment.  This painless, non-invasive treatment involves placing a cap with sensors on the head and recording 20 minutes of data, both with eyes open and eyes closed. The standard procedure  utilizes the International 10 20 System for electrode placement during the QEEG, these areas have been identified as responsible for specific functions of the brain.  Once the data has been collected it is compared to a normative data base that is both gender and age specific.

This shows us how your brain compares to a person of the same sex and age. It will show if you have too much of a brain wave frequency or not enough (over or under activation). Based on the evaluation we will utilize one of three neurofeedback systems to train the brain.  We offer LORETA, LENS and HEG. Please click on the above links for more information on each.

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Your consultation will be with the Founder & Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center: Leigh Richardson MS, LPC, NCC, BCN, BCB. She has over a decade of experience and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Board Certified in Neurofeedback, Associate Fellow, and Board Certified in Biofeedback.

We are located in Dallas, TX. Dallas is open from Monday to Saturday. Our consultation is done mainly in Dallas but we offer phone consultations as an alternative.

We provide a one-time program to treat your condition without the use of drugs and other therapy. A program of 10 sessions would cost an average of $3,300. Our services are not covered by insurance but HSA funds can be utilized.

All decisions made regarding your medication should be made with your prescribing physician. That being stated, a large portion of patients pursue Bio/Neurofeedback with the goal of being weaned off their medication, or the amount being reduced.

There are no side effects associated with Biofeedback or Neurofeedback. Although, patients often report better sleep and focus, decreased impulsiveness and a relaxed mood. In fact, these are the primary reasons Neurofeedback is chosen as an alternative to medication.

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