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The Brain Performance Center can help you, too! We treat many common conditions that people struggle with for years, never realizing there are other interventions available, aside from medication. We successfully treat ADHD, Depression and Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Autism, PTSD, Migraines, Insomnia, Stress, and OCD.  Contact us now for a free consultation.  Haven’t you suffered enough? Take that first step today!

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Depression Testimonials

“This was the best choice I could have made for my depression. I went from feeling unmotivated and down all the time, to now being happy and driven again. Wonderful experience.”Brett – Colleyville, TX

“The improvements neurofeedback made were many, but the two biggest were my depression and visual processing. My depression went from staying in bed, staring out the window to being a productive person running my own company. The visual processing helped me to understand what I was reading but more important was how it increased the efficiency of my pool game.”Steven – Dallas, TX

Anxiety Testimonials

“Until I found Neurofeedback I was sure that I would be stuck taking anxiety medication for the rest of my life. I had suffered from panic attacks since I was about 18, and had been crippled to the point where I couldn’t drive on major roads and highways. The side effects of my anti-anxiety medication made me unmotivated to leave my house, causing me to suffer in school, and eventually lead to sleep disorders (which I was then prescribed another medication for). The staff at the brain performance center gave new hope to a life that was quickly spiraling out of control. After only a few sessions of neurofeedback I was already seeing results in my anxiety and sleep, and by the end of my treatment I was amazed by the incredible transformation I had gone through. The following semester, after completing neurofeedback, I was attending all of my college classes, able to drive to see friends and family more than an hour away, and was sleeping normal since my anxiety had improved so much. The greatest part of all of this is that, with the supervision of my psychiatrist, I was able to ween off my sleep and anxiety medication which I, now, haven’t taken in over a year. I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who worked with me at the Brain Performance Center.”Christy – Denton, TX

Neurofeedback has helped me overcome my anxiety and depression, and I now feel in control of my emotions. The biofeedback training taught me new methods to overcome my anxiety, and has helped improve my sleeping habits. I feel that my life is much more balanced since getting the help of Leigh Richardson and her wonderful staff.”Mary – Southlake, TX

ADD/ADHD Testimonials

“I just want to thank you for your neurofeedback work with Andrew.  He really enjoyed working with you and I believe that his relationship with you really helped him to complete the sessions.  I do think that the program has helped him and will give him more confidence in college.” – Denise – Coppell, TX.

“I am so happy we took the plunge and did this. It is a big commitment in money and time, but it has been worth every penny. It has made a huge difference in our sons’ lives.” – Jennie – Southlake, TX

“After trying many medications over the course of many years, my son’s teacher said “he is a different person. Responsible, focused, able to complete his work with accuracy and has a great desire to do well. “Thank you, Leigh! My prayers have literally been answered.” – Kathy – Colleyville, TX

“I have worked with Leigh and her staff to manage my ADHD symptoms. I can’t tell you how much neurofeedback has helped to ease my anxiety and increase my focus. As a college freshman who has struggled to study and be successful in my educational efforts, it’s great to find people who are there to help me get better and be better. Thank you guys for always having my back!!!” – Alex – Frisco, TX

“Doing the neurofeedback, Leigh helped with my anger, school performance and ADD. I have made new friends and I have more confidence. I can actually talk to my mom without fighting.” – Colt – Dallas, TX

“Truthfully, with their help, my life has changed profoundly. My son and husband both received neurofeedback for their ADHD, anxiety and depressive symptoms and the positive change and radical difference in their day to day life has been worth its weight in gold to my family. Leigh and the amazing staff, Sally, Jordyn, and Henri especially, have been such a catalyst in my life for success and words can never express my thankfulness!!! I can’t wait to see what else this new chapter brings!!!”– Equillia – Lewisville, TX

“We took our five year old son Brandon for neurofeedback because he’d developed both behavioral and physical tics that were causing him, and our family, serious concern. Brandon would repetitively play with the same toys, he refused outside social interaction and he  had begun to act out physically toward other children and himself. We believed he had a mild form of autism. However, within weeks of beginning neurofeedback. Brandon was able to sit still and watch television, he begun to have actual conversations with others and he completely stopped his aggressive physical actions.”– Steve and Andrea – Ft. Worth, TX

Migraines Testimonials

“I have the greatest gratitude for Leigh and her staff. I came with severe, debilitating weekly migraine headaches, which I had been suffering with for years.  I was fast loosing hope that I would have freedom from the pain without having to take daily medications. I am so pleased to say that after my neurofeedback sessions, I now go 6-8 weeks headache free, and the sessions have helped my anxiety, insomnia, and some old stress carried from my childhood trauma. Leigh and her staff were professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive.  Everyone made my experience there positive and enjoyable.I would to say to anyone thinking about doing this, do it. It is one of the best investments you can make for your health and life.” – Laura – Coppell, TX

Insomnia Testimonials

“When I first came to the Brain Performance Center  my sleep was violent. I woke up one morning with my fist bloodied from banging it on the wall and didn’t even remember doing it. I was talking in my sleep and disturbing my partner’s sleep pattern. Now I am sleeping through the night, waking up more rested and having more energy each day. Everyone there helped me and made me feel very welcome.” – Art – Ft. Worth, TX

“I saw a big improvement in my ability to fall asleep and also to focus on my work.  I am much better at anger management and can keep calm under stressful situations.  I would highly recommend this neurofeedback treatment to people who are stressed out and struggling with sleep.” – Ben – Ft. Worth, TX

“After 4 sessions of neurofeedback I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep for much longer periods of time.  I went from sleeping 3 -4 hours a night to a full 8 – 9 hours, waking up feeling more on top of my game”. – James – Las Colinas, TX

Wellness Testimonials

“The positive changes in my overall health which I have experienced since starting neurofeedback are nothing short of phenomenal. Leigh’s upbeat and personable demeanor is refreshing and makes my visits to the clinic each week seem less clinical.” – Rhonda – Dallas, TX.

PTSD Testimonials