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AnxietyResearch shows that neurofeedback is an efficacious way to treat the symptoms of a concussion. With a mild concussion you may experience a brief (less than 15 minutes) or no loss of consciousness. You may appear dazed or have a vacant stare after the injury. Testing and scans may appear normal and symptoms may not become noticeable until later. Recovery may take days or weeks, with individuals often experiencing dizziness, headaches, double vision, memory problems, irritability, and or depression.

With a moderate concussion the loss of consciousness can last a few hours and be followed by a few days or weeks of confusion. The physical, emotional and or behavioral impairments may last for months or be permanent. With a severe concussion you almost always have prolonged unconsciousness or coma that may last for days, weeks, or months.

Because the brain controls all that we do in life, an injury can lave an individual with impairments on all levels. On a cognitive level, you may experience difficulties with attention, memory, reasoning and problem solving. Physically you may have lack of coordination in arms or legs, fatigue or sleep issues. Emotionally you may be vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and or anger. Your behavior may be altered becoming more impulsive or having difficulty staying on task.

Proper management of the injury is the first step in avoiding long-term complications. Prevent serious damage by taking a preventive stance in concussion management, if you return to work or school too soon without proper attention to the injury you are increasing the likelihood of the damage being severe. Neurofeedback is the first step in an effective treatment strategy.

Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury (TMI) sustained in accidents or through serving in a war and exposure to concussive explosives, can also be helped with this modality.


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