Leigh Richardson: Social Media Affects Girls, Causes Them More Mental Distress

Girls have reported feeling more stressed, hopeless, and overwhelmed by their days than boys, and a reason could be heavy use of social media, according to a large scale student survey. Licensed Professional Counselor Leigh Richardson had some insight on why girls might be experiencing side effects to social media more intensely; she shared with WHO Radio.

When asked if she thought girls take negative social media comments harder than boys.

I do, because you know, the boys develop that emotional side a little bit later than girls do.” The question is, though, do they turn to social media because they are already depressed? Or are they depressed because of social media? I think social media helps us escape from reality, and that’s not good.

Not only is there pressure to get likes on pictures, but think of all the time spent on social media actions. This could be another unhappiness-contributor.

I’ve seen studies that freshmen girls in college spend 10 hours a day on the phone, and it’s all-consuming. They’ll take a picture of themselves in an outfit, and if nobody likes it, it’s devastation. Or worse, when someone makes a negative comment on it…To me, what social media has done, is it’s turned us into a comparative society. And any time you compare, you’re forcing a win and you’re forcing a lose.

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